Monday, February 18, 2013

Unbridled Milk Consumption

 A month of unbridled milk consumption does wonders to a little girl's girth.  She's coo-ing and becoming very polite (She can say "Hi"...  if by say you mean breathe the vowel sound "I", which kinda sounds like "Hi".)  And she speaks Pirate like a true Mike Leach Red Raider (She says "ARRR!). 
 My mom left last week so that she could be with my dad for valentines day.  :(  I have never been so sad seeing her leave.  But, alas, more moms came in!  Paul's mom and Aunt Sissy came in this weekend.  It was too much fun.  I love seeing the two of them interact...  and Dalene makes me miss my sister.  Oh, family.  Little Lydia loves her granny and aunt sissy.    We got to see cousin Kyle too, but he doesn't take pictures so you don't get to see his lovely smiling face. 
We just made our arrangements to go to Florida for our first consultation!  Good news all around - we got in network insurance approval for the consultation.  (woo-hoo for saving us over a grand!)  AND cheap flights.  We go to WPB (West Palm Beach) in May and spend about 4 days there hanging out.  We have no idea what all we will do while we are there (other than see the doctor, obviously)...  ideas on what to do in WPB with a 5 month old?  We celebrate our 5 year anniversary this July, so we are just going to use this as our anniversary trip.  No Durango this year.  We will just have to settle with the beach.  I'll just have to take one for Team Cash. 

We went back to Tingley this month for our check up for Lydia's dysplastic hip.  It looks like perfection!  The doctors and nurses there are so freaking nice.  Some people find their calling in life.  These people definitely did.  It is completely their helping hands that hooked us up with the insurance and Paley's place.  If you are looking for a donation this year, consider donating to them. Also, awesome side note - they used to be a polio hospital back in the day.  As a result, they supposedly have an awesome prosthetics department, which will come in handy in the next year when Lydia starts to walk!! 

New Section!!  I can see how things might get really dim and depressing from time to time and so I want to make sure and share the fun stuff!
LOVES:  Momma.  Attention.  Milk.  Being held.  Milk.  Jazz Baby by Lisa Wheeler.  Baths.  Momma.  Diaper Changes.  Singing.  Daddy holding me like a sack of potatoes.
DOES NOT LIKE:  Being put down.  Going night night.   Being swaddled for night night.  I don't know if you can tell, but shutting this kid off is dang near impossible. 
LOOKING FORWARD TO:  Her laughing.  Her liking her Papa more (that's an entry from Paul.  She adores her Papa).  Florida.  5 years together (Woah!).  Lydie getting a puppy (another entry from Papa).  Finally taking this girl to church in real life!  (we've been watching church online and I cant wait for her to go sit in the monkey room with all those babies!  Watch some awesome church anytime at