Sunday, September 15, 2013

Side by Sides

I'm hoping to get some kinks worked out in the computer world so that I can post some videos.  Until then, enjoy the side by sides. 

We now have a little girl who crawls and stands (kinda).  I would post a picture but there is something that isn't compatible with something else and blogger wont let me upload stuff.  Rest assured, blog friends, there is crawling and standing.  And getting into stuff. 

She is crawling like a typical baby - slower than average maybe, but no less treacherous and carefree than the average baby.  The standing is something of interest, though.  its a Half knee/Pyramid thing - but it works for her!

Oh!  And Teeth!  She has four teeth with a Michael Strayhan style gap.  And he's famous and handsome, so that's another thing she has in her corner.   

You ever seen a baby snear? She also growls.  Like, a lot.  Her Aunt recently described her as sounding like a dragon.  She growls more than any kid at school and I recently went to a play date where she was the only kid who you might want to think twice before feeding after midnight.  See below.  Homie don't play. . .unless she is actually playing.