Wednesday, June 5, 2013

I'm not lucky, I'm blessed. yes.

First of all, I'm not a Nikki Minaj fan.  But some lyrics are appropriate.  This happens to be one such a situation.  I'm not lucky.  I am blessed.  So, what have we been up to, you ask?  Mainly being cute.  We do a lot of cute stuff. 
 Example - we are cute when we sleep.  If you leave her undisturbed for long enough, she might fall asleep and you can get a cute picture such as this.  But she's not a fan of sleep.  I've been working part time from home and, let me tell you, finding 25 hours a week to do things is nearly impossible.  Why?  because she doesn't sleep.  I don't really sleep either so I guess its a push. 
 We also garden.  And by garden, I mean that we buy cute plants, put them in cute containers, and slowly watch them die. 

For Easter, we went to Clovis, NM to be with Paul's family.  Clovis is literally 6 miles from the Texas/New Mexico border.  As a Texas girl, born and raised, I could not stand the fact that a child of mine had never been to Texas.  Paul, being the ever accommodating husband and father that he is, drove us across the Texas border so that I could feed Lydia in Farwell, Texas.  She has had a meal in Texas.  At this point in time, that is all I can ask for. 
More updates when we get back from the trip!  Please pray for us at every turn.  Or maybe you can start with praying for the people next to us on the plane.  I think they will need it too.  :)
Xoxo - AC

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