Sunday, August 4, 2013

Kids are messy

Kids are messy.  Very, very messy.  I think that God made them cute so that you wouldn't get mad when they look like this:
When we first brought her home, she cried.  Alot.  and ate.  A lot.  She still does a whole lot of eating, but she also does a whole lot less crying.  She's almost like...  a real person.  She sits up like a big girl, smiles all the time, gets frustrated, laughs, and (drum roll please) she has become MOBILE!  Don't get me wrong.  She's not crawling yet.  The leg discrepancy has made crawling a feat.  She tries to get both knees in under her; however, one knee is about . . . oh. . . 3 inches or so shorter than the other, which means she immediately rolls when she tries to get in the crawling position.  I can't really explain it with words, but its pretty funny.  When I say mobile, I mean she rolls long distances with a purpose.  Baby fun times have begun!

  I recently went back to work and as a result, Lydia has started attending day care, aka "school".  She goes to school right across the street from Dad's work.  Dad goes to visit her a few times a day.  Lydia's first week of daycare, Dad was being nice to another little girl.  Lydia rolled over to said little girl stole that little girl's pacifier.

What?!  You mean to tell me that this face is capable of taking off the proverbial "gloves"?  Apparently, this hasn't been Lydia's only instance of getting the other kids "in line".  But more stories to come in the future, I expect.   

So, PFFD/CFD is a congenital birth defect.  Meaning?  It could happen to anyone.  As a result, I thought I would throw out a little public service announcement concerning:  Seat belts.  When your right leg is significantly shorter than you left, chairs are an acquired thing.  You can't just sit in them like every other Joe.  See below.  You might think that your little bundle of joy is sitting safely buckled in their seat.  You literally turn around and back and she has wiggled her little leg out from under the seat belt and the aforementioned seatbelt is useless. 

Maybe I will throw out more PSA's as she gets bigger.  I see more in my future.  Also, I have zero doubt that she is going to crawl.  It is a real thing that is going to happen.  We have a few bets on how she is going to do it.  (Snake crawl/ Half bear crawl, half regular crawl/ Army crawl)  Ill post results when they come in.  She just has to work it out.  I was worried.  But like most things in life, the worrying was a waste of time and energy.  Also, we are having her dedicated soon.  We will post time and a link when that comes.  Its a big deal and we invite you to join in praying for her future.

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