Wednesday, January 14, 2015

post op day 1

Here we are, more than twenty four hours post surgery.  My child is a mother effing beast.

The super hip surgery was a definite.  We all thought that the super knee surgery was a given, but frankly Paley doesn't make that decision until he gets into the operating room.  Lyd did not need the knee surgerybecause it is stable.  That is awesome.  I would have utterly lost the "do we have super knee surgery" bet.

Lyd did have a blood transfusion and was under anesthesia for, like 7 hours or something like that, so we spent last night in picu.  Today we got moved over to the pediatric orthopaedic floor.  Lydia had in her epidural still and will for a while.  They stopped the meds in the epidural for a period of time today and that wasn't fun, but like I said my child is  a beast.  Her temperature has risen a few times today, but that's to be expected, but it still sucks.

We have watched Tangled no less than four times today.  Tangled is the new Frozen.  Tell your friends.  It's going to be the newest "throw back" sensation.

No pictures this time because I'm updating this on a kindle.  Please excuse spelling and grammar errors caused by writing a novella on Swype.  I'll try to get some pictures soon and update when I have more to say than "today was less than stellar, but it's cool cause by God is great and my daughter Is a beast"


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  1. God bless you all! Beast, blessed...sounds similar!