Sunday, April 23, 2017


We deal with our fair amount of staring.  Mainly because I'm beautiful and my husband is hot.  But then, you add in the fact that our kid's been wearing a fake leg for a few years and you can see why people would want to look at this interesting family, right?  Now that she has the fixator on - people look just because they don't really know what's going on.  Take this puppy for example:

If you saw this puppy, you would look at it.  Even if you don't like puppies.

It's cute and you really don't understand why he has a jack attached to his leg.  (EDITOR'S NOTE: 1) I don't have an editor.  This is just my way of adding information without completely destroying the cadence of my post.  2) Please understand my sarcasm.  I'm not unnaturally vain. But C'Mon!  That was a funny intro! 3)  That is a fixator on the puppy.  Not a jack.)

But this blog post isn't about cute puppies or even people staring.  Really, it's about the physical nerve that runs through your body.  Currently, Lyd is overcoming some pretty severe nerve pain.  There is a nerve running down your leg that has to be lengthened with the rest of the leg.  If you lengthen the nerve to fast, it gets ANGRY!  Well, we pissed that nerve off.  Nights became unbearable.

Long story short, we had an odd PT time the next day, which lead to a random bump in with the doc, who worked his magic and gave us some relief.  Suffice it to say that the chain of events was completely abnormal for a variety of reasons and was obviously divinely orchestrated.  Why?  Because my God is awesome.

Among other things, we were instructed to slow down pin turns to 3 times a day in order to give the nerve time to heal.  According to my math - and assuming we stay at 3 pin turns a day - that just upped our stay in Florida by more than 20 days.  As the emotionally terroristic girl from 13 Reasons Why would say - F.M.L.  (I'm on Tape 2, if you can't tell).

We had our first real post op appointment last week!  And my girl is now officially back to where we were when this journey started.  Because we gained half an inch - but he had to remove half an inch. . . so here we are.  As I look at the xray, I realize that there is a whole lot going on there.  But just trust me - there is a half inch of new growth there between the two sets of pins in her femur.  Lydia worked her tuchus off for that half an inch.

Finally, I want to say a huge thank you to all those wonderful people who have kept us in your prayers.  Lydia has received cards, gifts, an Easter basket, and trinkets that mean the world to her!  You have no idea what the videos, mail, and packages do for her.  I can't articulate it, so instead, I'll show you.  Now, before someone goes all crazy - it's not grape juice.  It's wine.  And it's not hers.  It's mine.  But I believe that you can tell that - even though it's not hers - the joy of gifts to a child just lifts your soul!  So, thank you.  Very, very much!

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  1. I know you both are working really hard. We continue to think of you both and pray for excellent results and comfort.